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Poster: xtifr Date: Feb 10, 2005 12:36pm
Forum: etree Subject: streaming ogg, please?

I've discovered that I can stream the ogg files by downloading the .m3u file, and then editing it with a text editor to change "_vbr.mp3" to ".ogg", and then loading it into my music player (xmms). However, this is a little tedious compared to the single click needed to start playing the VBR MP3s directly, so I don't always bother.

Today, I was streaming a show that I had listened to last week. Last week I used ogg, and this week I didn't bother, and the difference in sound quality really stood out this time. The MP3s were noticably muddier, especially on the high-frequencies, i.e. cymbals and synth. So I would like to beg the Archive to offer streaming ogg directly, so I don't have to suffer for my own laziness again. Streaming ogg definitely works, I've been doing it for months, and the only thing the Archive would need to provide to make this easier is one little extra ".m3u" file per show. Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?